December 20th, 2005

tank girl

London Strip #04 (I think, might be 3 or 5 or something..)

I decided I should finish all my london-based strips before making more current ones, I have a couple of ideas and it would be strange to all of a sudden make a strip about someting I did a long time ago. So, here's another london strip from my trip. (to london)

Here's the strip:

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The situtation is supposed to be the "funny" thing instead of the, uh, "punchline", the whole thing was just so weird. He really did do that every time after saying curry, like mumbling "sweet 'n' sour", it was so bizarre that I was actually hoping I would get a sweet 'n' sour-dip just because that would be so bizarre.

It might turn out that curry and sweet 'n' sour is the same thing in the UK, I don't know, they don't taste the same though.

I might do a follow up to this strip about me tasting the sweet 'n' sour-dip, if I find the "punchline" funny enough.

Btw, I've only bought one present yet (bought it today), and x-mas is just in a couple of days... I'm strangely not stressed at all. (brainwashed? drugs? who knows?!)
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