December 15th, 2005

tank girl

I fixed the feed! :D

I found this site about paranormal stuff yesterday, and noticed they had alot of different rss feeds listed etc. So I started looking for a lj feed and found one that someone had created in 2003, but had messed up with the adress or something so it haven't been updating with anything. Didn't even have any readers.

I decided to mail livejournal support with the new rss adress and they fixed it earlier today! :D

So, if there's any other people remotely interested in the paranormal out there, feel free to add this feed where they post the latest paranormal headlines and a link to the article from their site.

Feels a bit lonely being the only reader :S

Here's the feed: paranormalabout

(I wasn't able to fall asleep yesterday so I haven't slept at all now, gave up at about 9 am :S, I think I'll go watch the unrated version of Land of the Dead or something..)
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