December 10th, 2005

tank girl

Damn you money!! Where are you when I need you the most?!!

Woooo! There's trades for Platinum Grit out now!! :D

Check this!

Ohmigaaawd they look so good I wanna lick the screen! (it's filthy so I won't)

If I had money I'd totally buy that! Like, right now! Yeah! But I can't!



(that makes me a saaad panda)

I guess I'll have tah' get one a' them jobs the telly keeps talkin' aboot!

They print them on demand so it won't really be available in stores, and the shipping is apaprnelty pretty expensive, UNLESS!!! You buy something between $25 and $100 and then choose free shipping (anywhere in the world) and it'll be FREE!! (shipping!!!).

And with the trades costing $15 each that works like, perfik!

Here's link to FAQ about it all posted by the artist/co-writer:

And here's link to the site where you can order it all: (and you will, or else I will beat your children..)

(note, you can also buy loose issues of issues 12 - 14 but those can be read for free here; and will get collected into a trade when the current story arc ends, and they're super expensive!! So it's nothing I recommend)

Now, go spend all the money you've saved for christmas gifts on these!
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