December 6th, 2005

tank girl

The first version of my last strip, but with the cooler frame!

And I'm just posting the link to the first post I had it in, where I replaced the old files with the new ones. Figured I shouldn't mess with peoples friendslists too much by posting this rather large strip a third time.

Here's the link to the old post for those interested;

I'm posting this version again as I feel it works aswell as the new version, but in different ways, which I realized while I were responding to a critique I got on the new version by hangoverblack who preferred this first version.

In other news I'm actually thinking about buying my whole family tickets to see serenity in the cinema for christmas. I've turned my dad into a Joss Whedon-fan, and I know my mum actually thinks these are great intelligent shows. My two sisters are fans (only one here for christmas though) and I think my brother would enjoy Serenity if he gave it a chance.

Plus, each ticket only costs like $10, and that multiplied by 4 (one sister isn't here then) will only be $40, which is allmost exactly as little money I have at the moment. And then $10 for me and I'll be completely broke.

So it all works out!

And I'll get to see serenity without feeling guilty about spending money on a movie when I owe money to a bunch of people! :D

*EDIT, okeydoke, I uh.. changed my mind and decided to post the new version here instead. Figured this is an old enough post that it won't really mess up peoples friendslists anymore.

Here is the new version of the first strip which I've actually started to prefer now again.. -schizophrenic-

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