November 28th, 2005

tank girl

Stockholm Film Festival Day 5 - 10 - Movies #06 - 15 (featuring a cd-cover I just made!)

Saw my last movie of the film festival today, which was Lady Vengeance, it's part of the revenge trilogy by the guy who made the excellent Old Boy, and lady Vengeance did not dissapoint, great flick!

It's amazing really, every movie I paid for was great! It's usually 50/50 movies that are bad/good, but now, every movie was actually pretty good. And more surprisingly, Corpse Bride was the worst of the movies I paid for, not that it was bad, just the worst of a bunch of good movies.

However, I did see one movie I really didn't care for much and that was Free Zone. But I only saw that movie because me and my brother stayed in the theatre after another movie, and was able to see Free Zone for free right after. Wasn't really worth it though, I was going to see Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang right after that movie so I ended up watching three movies in a row. I was planning to eat between the firts movie and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, I was so damn hungry during Free Zone it wasn't even funny! Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang ended up being hilarious anyway, which helped.

Anyway, I'm too lazy now to write actual reviews, and I doubt anyone really cares, so I'll just list the movies I've seen since my last post and rate them.

The Iceberg
8 / 10

Cinema, Aspirins And Vultures
6,5 / 10

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
7 / 10

7 / 10

Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
6 / 10

Storm (swedish scifi/thriller/fantasy-thingy or something, actually pretty cool with nice effects and interesting original story, very un-swedish! A couple of plot-holes brings down the grade though..)
7 / 10

Lady Vengeance
9 / 10

And then of course, the movie I didn't plan on seeing and didn't pay for;

Free Zone
4 / 10

When I got home today after Lady Vengeance I decided to make another strip or something which I couldn't during the festival. Ended up making something completely different instead, a CD-cover for a band I just made up using a photo I've taken. I think it turned out kinda nice so I decided to post it here, I'm not sure if it's finished yet, just playing around really. Might end up doing alot of changes in which case I'll post the new version aswell. I'm already noticing things I want to tweak with, heh.

Anyway, here's the cd-cover I made!

Image hosted by

I added the parental advisory patch there for fun, just thought it made it look more real or something, might be ruining the design though, not sure.

BTW, making this was super-fun! =D Haven't designed anything like this since I graduated from high school but I think I'll definately be doing more now! :D
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tank girl

CD-cover 2.0

Started working on the cd-cover again now so here's the next version, I think I like this better. I doubt this cover is finished though, expect more versions!

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