November 22nd, 2005

tank girl

Stockholm Film Festival Day 4 - 5 - Movies #05 - 07

Corpse Bride

Actually dissapointed on this one, it looked gorgeous but felt kinda empty. The songs were alot catchier on A Nightmare Before Christmas too! Wasn't really bad, but I expected more.

6 out of 10

Be With Me

Started kinda "boring", not that I was bored, it was all interesting and entertaining to watch, just not that original or anything. But then later on, when we started following one character that was based on a real person. She was both blind and deaf, but had traveled the world, learnt different languages and all kinds of amazing stuff, it started getting fantastic. At that point I started thinkin, jeez, they should have just focused on this one character, do a full real biography or something. But then towards the end all the characters started to connect to eachother and the movie ended pretty good. There were very little dialogue, but the movie didn't suffer at all from this.

A strong 7,5 out of 10

And then today, I watched Merry Christmas, just got home actually.

Merry Christmas

AHH!!! Great, great movie!! This was the movie I've been looking forward to the most. A true story about germans, brits and french soldiers having an un-offical ceasefire to spend christmas with eachother on the front in the first world war. This could easily turn into over sentimental crap, but this movie felt very believable!

Beautiful story and movie with great acting by both the scottish, german and french cast. Nice that they all actually spoke their own langugages instead of making them all speak english (even though it's supposed to be german or french), felt like a really European movie. We should embrace subtitles and let everyone speak their own language, and make more multi-language european movies!

As I said, I was really looking forward to this movie and it was really nice to not be dissapointed to the least.

Great flick with a nice anti-war message about different people, despite different nationalities, actually being the same.

I recommend this movie strongly!

Strong 9 out of 10

(I can never give a movie a 10, there has to be absolutely nothing that I dislike in the movie to give it a 10, I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and such a movie do not and prolly never will exist)
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