November 20th, 2005

tank girl

First snow (with real shitty photo as proof)

First snow today, which was nice, no snow at all when I went out to see the first movie and then after the movie it was all white outside.

The world has turned into a giant playground with people having snowball fights etc, and there were already snowmen up when I got home. That combined with the fact that they put up the neighbourhood christmas tree just days ago has made it winter over night. Seriously, it was still autumn just days ago, with colourfull leaves and stuff everywhere. And then, poof, winter! (with just a hint of christmas!)

I think I'm going to make a strip about the first snow, maybe..

Here's a really shitty crap of a photo of the first snow, un-focused and everything! It's like worse than the bigfoot photos, but I'm gonna post it anyway becasue I'm too lazy and my foot hurts like crazy after I stepped really weird in a escalator while I were running to a bus so I wouldn't miss the movie and this is the longest sentence ever which I won't even edit because I really can't be bothered and holy fuck it hurts so bad!!!

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