November 18th, 2005

tank girl

Finished my first ever comic-script!


Just finished my first written comic-script! 12 pages of a small comic-short with no dialogue that I'm going to send to my sister that wants something to draw. This took me a couple of days over a couple of months this fall to write, wrote maybe 2-3 pages each time, with weeks in-between, but now I finally finished it writing 4 pages!

Most pages has 9 panels so this might be really packed with stuff or really really slow, I'll read it all through and see if I need to change stuff. But it's more or less finished!! Weeee! I have all the panels in my head, but I can't wait to see what my sister will do with it :D

This is nice, I actually enjoyed writing this, I think I can actually see myself writing more comics in the future. :)

I'll probably post the comic here when finished, or sketches if my sister says it's ok.

In other news I saw my first movie of the Stockholm Film Festival yesterday with the movie Edmond with William H. Macy.

It was like Falling Down only a bit more bloody and strange, with a fantastic (as usual) Macy in the title-role. I didn't understand what the director wanted to say with the movie, but it was entertaining so I highly recommend this movie anyway, I'm prolly just dumb, heh.. Great soundtrack too!

The woman playing his wife was awful and ruined the scenes she was in, making me like this movie less, but I give the movie;

6.5 of 10

All in all, a good start on the festival!

Tonight, A History Of Violence!
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