November 13th, 2005

tank girl

Stockholm Film Festival! Yeh, Biatch!

I have bought my tickets for this years Stockholm Film Festival, I had to borrow like 1000kr (uh, like $80 or something) from my parents, so I'm not only broke now, I'm in debt! (debts rock!!!)

But that's a problem for another day, because I have over a week of something to do with this festival. I have atleast one movie per day in 10 days! (I'll hate movies in the end, yay!!!)

Here is the list of movies I will see;

A History Of Violence
The Devil’s Rejects
Corpse Bride
Be With Me
Merry Christmas
The Iceberg
Cinema, Aspirins And Vultures
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical
Lady Vengeance

And I'm working on another strip, or maybe I should say comic, it's the biggest one yet, and I'm on version 5.0 now.. maybe be finished tommorow or something.. maybe deleted even.. :S

But prolly tommorow!
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