November 4th, 2005

tank girl

Back in the U.S. of.. S?

Well, I'm back home in Sweden now. -sigh-

Had to book a flight all of a sudden to get the cheapest possible and came home yesterday. If I'd tried booking a flight later I would've had to leave in like two weeks and I really couldn't afford that, so here I am.

It's nice though, real food and a comfortable bed.

And Hostels are actually nice places to live on, met alot of fun people from all around the world. Met a canadian chick in a pretty funny and interesting way, but that's a story for another time, might even be in the form of a comic.

Anyway, I'll prolly start making strips again soon, when I feel inspired. Will be a couple of London-based strips. Oh, and now when I'm back home I have my Camera again, but still no computer to upload photos. Irritating, have a bunch of photos I want to share.

Serenity is a great flick! Even with me getting to know some MAJOR spoilers before I saw the movie, one from the IMDB-boards and one from the Visual Companion. That was kinda irritating. I have to be honest though, I was slighlty (just slightly) dissapointed. I'll have to see the movie again I think, it doesn't show here in sweden untill november 22nd!!! (holy moley!) I'll bring some non-browncoat friends with me, or maybe going with my father, he's really started to become a Joss Whedon fan recognizing Firefly-quotes and stuff :S (even I can't do that :S)

Scott Pilgrim is FANTASTIC! Bought the first trade at start of my trip when I had a bunch of money, then went and bought the second one, even when I really shouldn't spend money on stuff like that. Read the second one an evening at a Starbucks with som hot cocoa, wow, perfect moment! I repeat, Scott Pilgrim is FANTASTIC!

Now, eat actual food-time, GO!!!
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tank girl

Woah! Freshly baked strip! Comin' atcha!

Today I woke up at about 12 am and decided to do a strip, and now it's finished.

My first of probably many strips taking place in London.

And it's true, we did sleep one night on a tennis court. Just beside Hendon Park, to the shock of the hostel receptionist. "-You slept in Hendon Park!!!" he shouted with the most british accent I've ever heard in my life. He said we should have just pressed the buzzer, the night staff won't mind being woken apparently.

We hadn't paid for that night though, otherwise we'd definately try to get in, and we had all our luggage with us including our sleeping-bags. Wasn't too bad sleeping outside.

At first..

A couple of hours in and it was as cold as a witch's teat! I woke up at about 8 am, my friends were still sleeping. Found a football (soccer ball to americans) and played football (soccer to americans) by myself for two hours untill my friends finally woke up.

I think they're more used to sleeping outside in a city or something, damn tramps!

Well, on to the strip then. I'm not sure about the colors, I was going for a orange-tennis court color first, but that didn't look that good. So I took a lighter orange-color instead. And the last panel was at first sky blue, but the panel stood out too much from the others, so I went with light orange for that too. I guess it works.

Anyway, here's the first London strip:

Image hosted by

*EDIT, Now when I read the strip, the pacing feels wrong somehow.. hmm...
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