October 21st, 2005

tank girl

Alone in London...

My two friends ran out of money last wednesday so they had to go home the same night, they didn't want to sleep in the park one more night (man that was horrible), mostly because it was raining.

I however, (surprisingly) decided to stay.


In London.

I still had money left because I'm really cheap and I had allot more than they from the start. Oh, and I didn't buy shoes and shirts and other crap whenever I got the chance... Though, I am to blame a bit for them buying some stuff, I did bring them to a comic-shop and one of my friends really loved all the stuff and she bought three comics that were on sale, one of those being Bone which I've been thinking of reading. I think I just turned someone to comics, and a girl too! -proud-

BTW, I borrowed the Bone one and wow, Bone is fantastic! When I get money I'll definitely buy the first trade.

Anyway, back to me being alone in London. I started looking for work for real immediately, and guess what, the same night last thursday i got a mail back from a sandwich delivery service!! I called them today and I have a trial next tuesday! (not sure if that means work or just some sort of job-interview)

Now I just need to survive here until then, and then hopefully get the job. Bah! who needs to eat anyway??

Holy crap! Just now one of my friends logged into MSN, she said they just got home an hour ago, turns out they've spent two nights on the airport trying to find cheap enough tickets to get home.


Oh, and it turns out they've actually got a reply from a job they really wanted on a farm here in england..




They are thinking of going back anyway on sunday if they get the work. But we'll be nowhere near each other, oh well, might meet on the weekends or something, heh.

I've started to write down stuff that's happened to me now, that I can use on strips, and wow, if you try and find strips in your life they're right there, written down a bunch. But those will most likely be made when I get home, which I have no idea when that will be, maybe spring next year :S

Forbidden Planet in London is beyond amazing... I'm thinking about handing in my CV (when I've made on) there.

And the Gosh! comic-shop is the best shop in london. I'll hand in my CV there too, might get work there in spring they said, if I'm here that long.

Now, make CV-time, Go!!!
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