October 9th, 2005

tank girl

What's wrong with my height??

Another strip.

I made it yesterday but didn't have time to upload it here before I went out. I got home at about 4 am and added arms on the characters and changed the colors a bit. I was slightly drunk at the time but I'm pleased with the results.

I was having this conversation with a cute girl and she had some issues with her body. The mention of my height didn't really bother me, I'm well aware that I'm not excactly tall. Just thought it was funny she mentioned it, not that smooth of her. :D

I hope it's not confusing with it starting right in the middle of a conversation. I tried using as little dialogue as possible to get the point out. And this happened before summer so it's not really accurate, but this is more or less how the conversation went.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And is there anyone out there who knows alot about Illustrator? I used to be able to transform objects with the selection tool, but now I have to switch between selection tool and free transform tool everytime i want to either move an object or rotate/change size the object. Really frustrating!! How can you change back to the old settings?

Oh, and I'm going to London tommorow to try and survive. So this will prolly be the last strip for a while if everything goes well in London. Or maybe I'll try and squeeze out another strip today if I'm bored. Heh. (heh. is officially my favourite word or phrase)
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