October 7th, 2005

tank girl

What the.. I've actually been productive...

Today, I made a strip.

Today, I made a strip using Adobe Illustrator.

Today, I made the first strip in the history of me.

It's not that good though, but still, the first!

It all started when I decied not to go to a sort of party because I didn't feel like going. I watched Dark City on the tv (great flick). After the movie had ended I realized i made the wrong decision not going to the "sort of party". I was now left with nothing to do at all.

So, I started playing around with Adobe Illustrator on the computer, a program we used to make all sorts of poster and wine-box designs on in school.

And I thought to myself "hey, what if a drawing-handicapped person like myself could make strips with this??", and I decided to try. I had a couple of old ideas but didn't want to use them on a test like this, so I made a pretty pointless strip about my encounter with a moth instead. I had to use a really old picture of myself that I had on the computer because I still can't get photos from my camera into the computer.

Anyway, here it is, it's not particularly good, so please be kind. It's my first ever.

Here goes! (i'm gonna be so embarassed by this..)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Aw, man! Hilarious!

And it's all true too! Except for the last part..

I never did find the kids...

EDIT: I removed and altered the "strip", mainly taking away my photo which was bugging the hell out of me, and uploaded the new version.
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