September 29th, 2005

tank girl

Life-time stories from long lost schoolmates...

My new camera is amazing, even my finnish uncle who's an relativily famous (he's prolly really famous, I just don't know much of that world) photo/video-artist wanted one! :D However, the only computer new enough to be able to work with the camera just broke down for some mysterious reason, it's been acting up alot lately making all kinds of weird noises. So I'm left with a camera allmost full with pictures and no computer to store them on...

Is this Gods punishment on us foolish mortals by forcing the need of a computer to be able to share your photos? Has science finally gone too far by inventing the Digital Camera?? Is this the end???


Anyway, I guess I'll just have to wait for the computer to get fixed by someone in my family that cares enough (guess that's me then) to spend time figuring out what to do. Untill then I can't share the few good photos I took. I got some nice photos from my grandmothers summer-house (sort of a summer-house, she's too old to live there so all my relatives and our family lives there on the summers, it has no electricity, running water, or in-house toilets).

Autumn is here, nice colors, and mushrooms! (I allmost wrote fungus, but looked up the correct term on an online dictionary) I was just going to take photos but once you find one mushroom in the forest that shit gets f**king addictive! I spent over an hour looking for mushrooms with my parents instead of taking any photos. All worth it though, when the hunting-instinct kicks in!

Anyway, as I said, I can't post any photos untill the computer get fixed.

In other news we (me and some friends) have finally bought tickets to London! We are actually going! Tickets are bought and it's too late to back out now! And we don't have any jobs or a place to live in when we get there yet! (we'll figure something out when we get there, heh.)

Wow, this is exciting.. I hope we don't get stabbed to death.

We're going on the 11th of october. Which means... I can watch Serenity in a theatre a month before I could in sweden!!! The whole trip would be worth it just because of that! (even if I get stabbed!!!) I'll try make browncoats out of my friends! All for our lord and saviour Joss Whedon!

This trip to london means, if we get jobs and stays there untill christmas, that I won't be able to write any comic-scripts that I would send to my sister which I've planned. I even started on one, I think I'll have to hurry up and finish that anyway, ooh! ooh! A deadline!! Maybe I'll actually get some work done now! :D

I won't take my camera with me to london, not at once anyway, because it seems we'll be living (at first) on some whore-street called Sesame Street apparently. And that doens't seem to be the best place to take a $770 camera. If I get a job and apartment I'll prolly go bakc to sweden and pick some things up (and get my mum to clean my clothes), including the camera.

So, well, seems like my life is actually moving forward, which is exciting. I hope I don't get stabbed.

Oh, and another interesting thing that happened yesterday, I met an old schoolfriend from my class before high school (7-9th grade-class). She's like the only one I've met and talked to in over 3 years from that class. And she told me all about what has been going on with all my other class-mates. And christ, there's some interesting life stories there, had no idea my class was that interesting.

Seems like that class created alot of eating disorders, because 4 (or was it 5) people (all girls) became anorectic. One girl that had some eating-problems when we were in the same class apparenlty had some really serious problems, but got out form all that and is really happy now!

Two people from the class hasn't been heard of at all, like they've dissapeared from the face of the earth (i wonder if I was one of those too).

Two had some sort of phsycological break-downs, one because of massive pressure from parents to be good at everything (which she was, she was one of the anorectic people too). And the other ended in cutting of her arms and then into really serious mental illness with drugs and stuff as treatment. She's into fetish-things and SM now, and happy, so I guess that ended happily. :S

One really shy and introverted person from the class went to America to work as an Au-Pair and got a drastic personality change and is all social now.

And another girl that was a little bit overweight apparently lost alot of weight and became some sort of spokesperson for weight-watcher and blamed our class for her weight-problems, and said she hated us all. (I missed that completely :S)

I don't remember everything my friend told me (there was ALOT) but I think the rest of the class more or less hasn't changed at all (only the boys more or less, but there weren't that many of us). Most of them just gotten more obnoxious or something, heh.

Anyway, most of these stories seems to have ended well, and the people who didn't seem that happy during our schooltime seems pretty happy now. Which I think is nice, made me happy. :)

Alot of info to take in on one night. :S I guess I don't have to meet them again now anyway, heh.

Woah! Long text.. sorry 'bout this you people who's actually added me on your friendslist for some mysterious reason. I'll be quiet now... untill I fix the computer and start uploading photos! :D :P

I really can't bother reading through this.. sooo.. Press Update Journal Button-time, Go!
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