September 22nd, 2005

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Yeh, booya!!

I didn't have time yesterday to even open the box and take out the camera until I had to go back to the city and meet a couple of friends. But today I took it up and read the manual and checked out all the cool gadgets and watchamacallits things the camera can do, I feel like frickin' Bond with this! (I bet it can kill a person or something with one of these buttons!!)


Aw man, it's just so damn cool! -tear in his eye-

I haven't really taken any particuarly good photos yet, only taken one photo that I put atleast some thought into instead of just testing all the features the camera has, so here I present to you the first photo I've taken in over a year and with this camera ('cept for the nonsense photos I've already deleted), beware, it's not that great really, it's just the first! :D (BAH!! I can't get the photos to show up, so only links now, anyway!)

A jar of lingonberry-jam!!! Go!!! (homemade!!!)

And the photo but with all the stuff around cut off just to see how it looks!!! Go!!!

OK then.. well, I should go and take a bunch of actual photos I like now, heh.

Oh, and I'm going to finland in about one minute (eeeh!!) and I'll photo-my-ass-off as you say in the states! (that might not be true)

Oh! oh! And I'm going to London next wednesday with a couple of friends and if we manage to get a job there we'll most likely live there untill christmas or something, yay!! My friends mentioned it last tuesday and yesterday I had to decide if I wanted to go to london because the really cheap tickets are running out! (only $20!!)

And now I have a's so perfect!!

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