September 9th, 2005

tank girl

Mood Swings Deluxe!

Seven Soldiers is great!
(every issue is fantastic and inspiring, and it's really interesting reading smart comic-readers who knows alot about DC history talk about the issues!)

Louise Attaque is great!
(started listening to my parents music, wow, they have great taste, this is fantastic! Wish I knew french though..)

Goodbye, Lenin is great!
(saw the movie at a film festival a couple of years ago and after watching alot of really boring crap on the festival this movie felt fantastic. Saw it again now on tv, and hell, it's still fantastic! Watch it even if it's in german!)

Urban Dead is great!
(great online browser-based, grid-mapped multi-player game.. with zombies!! A bit slow maybe at the beginning, having to get used to do only 50 moves a day..but man, I'm addicted! If you like zombies movies, check this out!

Oh, and after my last frustrated post I realized what it would actually mean to give up, and, damn.. My life would suck, I can't give up. Even if it's really hard and I'll only write very rarely when I feel inspired I stillhave to do it. Maybe I'll study further on some film or writing-course and get kind of forced to write on a time-limit. I'd hate it, but it would be good for me I think.

And yesterday I went out and checked out some digital system-cameras (not sure it's called system-camera in english, anyway..) and I have decided on wa camera to buy! It will cost me 7500 crowns (ehmm.. like $750 or something) but my parents promised to pay some of it as a graduation-gift.. I will finally be able to take photos again! :D

No more anxiety-filled evenings doing nothing and hating myself for not actually taking this time of nothing-doing to do something productive! I can now (soon) just go out and photo-my-ass-off!! :D



Wait, I'm too happy now, this can't be good.. It can only go downhill from now on..


Damn, and what if I don't actually go out and take any pictures! All of that money too waste!! Crap, I'm too lazy, that will happen.. :(

And when the hell will I actually study further.. I won't do that.. :(


ooh!! Buffy on tv soon!! :D


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