September 5th, 2005

tank girl

One step..ehm..nowhere.

I officially suck.

I haven't done any of the things I wrote about in my last post that I wanted to do this summer.

I haven't taken any photos.

I haven't made any comics.

I haven't written or made any films.

And I haven't written a zombie-journal.

I did start sketching on the layouts for a short silent comic that my sister would draw, but it's terrible and I haven't finished it. It's been over a month, maybe two since I worked on it at all.

After getting a nice reply from a nice guy named monkey_vomit (on lj) I actually started working on my zombie-journal. I wrote maybe 4 or 5 days over a weekend and then I just lost interest or something.

About a month later I tried working on it again and I ended up starting all over, it seemed getting better. I lost interest again (or I'm just lazy). Weeks went by with me not writing on it at all.

Until today, another nice person (priscilla_equis on lj) commented on my last reply. And again I got inspired and started writing. I spent an hour writing one day, I hated what I wrote and deleted it all. I think I'll just give up on the damn thing. It takes me too damn long to write so little and I'm never happy with what I write.

Bah! I give up, I'll just go and get a job at McDonalds and distract myself from my boring dissapointment of a life by watching tv and play online games whenever I have free time.

I suck.
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