June 11th, 2005

tank girl

One step closer..

Woo, finally!

Just got one of those community accounts-thingys where I'm planning on having my undead journal up and running! Yes, I too, shall write a journal about zombies taking over the world! Though, I'm hoping my little "twist" might separate if from the countless others out there on the net.

I won't mention my twist just yet, haven't even started writing the damn thing, but soon it will be known!

I've wanted to write one of these a long time now, ever since I started reading Alpha_dog and Raptormans stories (both highly recomended) on the net. This isn't the first time I'll try writing one of these, actually started writing a story by the end of last year/begining of this. We had plans on the www.pamedia.com forum to write several journals from the same apocalypse, only me and another guy at first..and we both dissapeared from the forum after that more or less.

I did get started on my story, only wrote five or six days maybe..took me forever! I prolly should have planned the course of events before I started typing it on the computer instead of figuring out how many days blahblahblah..anyway, anxiety over all the school-work I had left to do made me abandon my journal and I stopped visiting the pamedia.com forum in shame (not really, had hell of alot of schoolwork to do actually, I'll go back to the forum, I promise!).

But, last week I actually..-paus for dramatic effect-....GRADUATED!! school!!! (think it's high school in the english) might not sound so fantastic just to graduate high school but in sweden high school is more or less obligatory, so graduating from high school here is pretty damn big!! Means you're more or less totaly FREE to do whatever you want, get work, study further or just start getting even more slacker-like than before! (oh, the yoy!!)

What I decided to do with this newly aquired freedom is to start doing all the fun stuff my consience stopped me from doing because of all the schoolwork i had to do! And that means I'm going to create like crazy! I'll hopefully make a couple of short films this summer (made a couple in school, but now I can do about whatever i want), get my camera fixed so I can take photos again and then try creating some comics with my sister.

But first, the time has come for me to write a zombie journal.. (holy crap!..this text is really, really long now..) And that journal will be at another account than this so I can keep forcing all my boring personal shit unto the world aswell! (i know you like it!)

So, my future zombie journal thing, if I ever start writing it, will be on the blacksmurfcage community on this very site. For those of you who are suffering from being an idiot here is the entire adress; http://www.livejournal.com/community/blacksmurfcage/

Not much yet, only the title of the journal and the color scheme that I spent an unholy amount of time choosing, it's very bluey! I'm planning on starting to write the damn thing within a couple of weeks, after I've been to a couple of music-festivals and such (yes, I am bragging).

There you have it, my future undead journal...

Christ! Why am I even writing this? Really got out of hand, I was just going to write a really small text on that I've decided to create a journal..how this monstrosity of a text came to happen is beyond me..and my fingers and hands is starting to fall asleep now too! That's kinda weird actually..

I should probably go to bed now..

No way in hell that I'm going to read through this.

Damn.. if I know myself well enough I've most likely made an complete ass out of myself..

Oh well, that's life!

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